Fiction by John Everson

  • This story is also featured in my short story collection Vigilantes of Love.
    Vigilantes of Love

1000 Delights - Sept.  2001"The Humane Way "

Originally Published in 1000 Delights
Online Magazine, September 2001

Reprinted in Vigilantes of Love
Spring 2003



ometimes, the holidays put me in a very twisted mood. It's the one time of year that everyone seems to forget all those petty concerns and act all happy-smiley. Naturally, I find myself looking below the surface of those grins. The result of one of those musing sessions is this short story, which finds a nice family in a slightly distant future, sitting down to a festive dinner...

1000 Delights was an online magazine that folded in 2002. The story was also reprinted in my second collection of fiction, Vigilantes of Love.